IHU VPN Configuration Instructions for macOS

1) Click on the network icon at the top of your screen and select Open Network Preferences

2) At the window 'Network', click on the plus (+) sign. From the list, select VPN.

3) At 'VPN type', choose 'L2TP over IPSec'. At 'Service Name', type a descriptive name for the service like " IHU VPN ". A new entry will appear in the list on the left of the window.

4) Click on the new entry IHU VPN. In the 'Server Address' field, type vpn1.ihu.edu.gr.

5) In the 'Account Name' field, type your institutional account username e.g a.papadopoulos and click 'Authentication Settings'.

6) In the field 'Password', type in your password.

7) In the field 'Shared Secret:', type "IHU_VPN_2016" without the quotes. Click OK and then click Apply.

8) To open a VPN connection, select the VPN entry on the left of the window and click 'Connect'. You will see a 'Status: Connected' message as soon as the connection is establised.

9) If you wish to disconnect, click 'Disconnect'


ITC Support - Last update: 27/02/2013