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University Mobile Internet

The University Mobile Internet is a 3G wireless connectivity package, with a data volume of 4GB, offered exclusively for students, faculty and staff of Greek universities and technical colleges, for the special price of 4.74€ per month. It is provided in partnership with Vodafone, which was selected after an open international tender conducted by GRNET.
Through this initiative, students and members of staff in higher education - gain free access to educational content hosted by their respective institutions or on the Internet - can use and develop innovative services based on mobile telephony platforms.

Who can participate in the "University Mobile Internet"?

- Undergraduate students of universities and technical colleges for a period equal to the expected duration of study and up to two years beyond that time (n +2 years).
- Postgraduate students attend a postgraduate programme of study leading to a postgraduate degree for two (2) years and postgraduate doctoral students for four (4) years from the date of registration.
- The students of the EAP (Greek Open University) for as long as indicated on the Student Identity Card.
- Students of Greek higher education military schools for 4 years from the date of issue of their Student Identity Card.
- Members of the teaching staff of Greek higher education military schools for as long as they retain this capacity.
- Members of staff of the Universities and Technical Colleges for as long as they retain this capacity.
- Members of staff of research institutions as long as they retain this capacity.

How do I get access to "University Mobile Internet"?

Visit a Vodafone shop or through the Vodafone internet site.

Identification Process:

Students prove their identity by showing their student ID cards. Academic, research and other staff of universities, technical colleges, research centres and higher education military schools need to show either a copy of their salary payment slip or a letter confirming their employment from the institution concerned.

General Information

- Beneficiaries choosing the online access 3G service provided by Vodafone agree to a 12 month contract. After the 12 months, if the beneficiary wishes to renew participation in the service for a further 12 months he or she will be asked again to show identification to prove continued student or staff status.
- Vodafone will provide the beneficiary with a free USB modem stick providing free 3G internet access via (laptop) computer.
- The USB modem stick provided for access to the internet is the K3772 worth 30€ according to the current pricelist.
- In the event that, within the 36-month duration of the project, this USB stick model is no longer commercially available, Vodafone will provide a similar model with equal or better specifications for the user, regardless of price.
- If the beneficiary wishes to procure a more expensive USB modem stick from that offered, he/she may do so, paying the difference in the price.
- Similarly, if the recipient wants to purchase a different device offering wireless internet connection, other than the USB modem stick offered by Vodafone, he/she may do so may do so, paying the difference in the price.
- Access to the internet through the service will be using the USB modem stick and the interface programme (dashboard) provided by the Contractor.
- The interface programme (dashboard) is on the USB modem stick that the user receives.
- The interface programme allows the user to use the service with ease and to determine the best way of connecting to the internet.
- The interface programme is frequently upgraded to be even more functional for the user. The latest version is 10.3 and any newer version is always available from the Vodafone website.
- The online 3G access service will provide the user with the ability to control and receive information in real time on the data volume still available to him/her, up to the maximum of 4GB per month. Specifically, the user automatically receives notification by SMS at 80% and 100% usage. Apart from this automatic notification, the user can visit the specially formatted MyVMB page and check in real time the data volume remaining until the completion of 4GB. Besides the MyVMB page, information is also provided on receipt of a blank SMS sent to 1223.
- On reaching the maximum 4 GB, the user's access to the internet is interrupted and the user is automatically forwarded (re-directed) to the MyVMB page, where he/she can, if so desired, continue access to the internet by selecting the data volume package that suits them best, undertaking to pay the relevant fee. If the user selects such an additional package, the user re-obtains access to the internet. If the user does not choose to purchase an additional package, his/her access remains disconnected until the start of the next monthly invoice cycle, whereby a maximum 4GB is again made available.

Users can contact the User Support Office by phone on 210-7724375 (Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00).

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